Making The Adoption Process As Smooth As Possible

Adoption can be a fantastic, happy time for families who are looking to grow. However, it’s important to know that adoption can be a lengthy, complex process with many legal requirements and guidelines. Understanding how these laws work is important because it can help the process go much more smoothly. For this reason, it’s almost always a good idea to seek the services of an experienced adoption attorney.

Types Of Adoption

Stepparent adoption: When one person wants to adopt their spouse’s child from a different partner. If both birth parents consent, this can be a simple procedure. If consent is not granted, an attorney is necessary because of the time and paperwork involved.

Relative adoption: When a child’s relative steps forward to adopt, usually in the case of grandparents, aunts or uncles in the aftermath of the birth parents’ death or incapacitation. This process is usually much easier than other forms of adoption.

Agency adoption: Involves public or private agencies regulated by the state and licensed to place children with adoptive parents.

Independent adoption: Direct arrangements between birth parents and adoptive parents, often with a third party go-between like a doctor or clergy member. An attorney can be helpful here due to the large amount of paperwork.

Identified adoption: A mix of independent and agency adoptions. Adoptive parents find a willing set of birth parents, and then both parties petition an adoption agency to control the rest of the process.

International adoption: The most complex type of adoption because you must satisfy state laws related to adoption as well as those of the host country. For international adoptions, you must obtain an immigrant visa for the child. International adoption more or less requires the use of an agency because it is such a complex process. Many adoptive parents choose to use U.S. agencies that specialize in this type of adoption.

Kentucky Adoption Laws

Who can be adopted?

Any child or adult may be adopted in Kentucky.

Who can adopt a child?

In Kentucky, anyone who is over 18 and is a resident of — or resided in — Kentucky for a year immediately prior to filing for adoption. Married couples who wish to adopt must petition jointly. The exception to this rule is a stepparent adoption.

How long does a child have to live with foster parents prior to adoption?

If the child is placed with their adoptive parents by the state, there’s usually no home residency requirement. Otherwise, the child must reside in their adoptive parents’ home for 90 days prior to filing the petition.

Where do adoption proceedings take place?

Adoption proceedings take place in the local circuit court of the county where the petitioner resides.

What should I do if I want to adopt?

Contact me. I’m an experienced adoption attorney and can help you explore your options and begin filing all the necessary paperwork to make the adoption process go as smoothly as possible.

Contact A Kentucky Adoption Attorney

In Kentucky, adoption can be a complicated legal process depending upon the parties involved and the type of adoption you’re looking at. If you have questions about the adoption process, I can help you as you navigate the necessary paperwork and legalities. Hiring an attorney can help ensure that adding to your family goes as smoothly as possible. Call 270-936-8123 or complete my contact form to arrange a consultation.