About Walton Law P.L.L.C.

Let me introduce myself. I am attorney Bailey Walton, and I have practiced law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky since 1990. Upon graduating from Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, I started practicing law in South Central Kentucky. In 2015, I founded the general civil law firm of Walton Law P.L.L.C., formerly doing business as Lanphear & Walton, P.L.L.C., in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Over the years, I have handled matters in many areas of the law that often overlap, including domestic relations, general contracts, business transactions and litigation, personal injury, mineral rights (oil and gas), estate planning and probate issues along with many other matters.

From the day I became a lawyer, my goal has been building long-term legal relationships through professional and effective representation. These are adjectives often used on attorney websites, but what do they mean to me?

  • Professional representation describes the way in which I treat and respect my clients, colleagues and the law. I am always aware of my ethical obligations and will not recommend to you any service or strategy that you may not want or need to accomplish your goals. In negotiations and in court, my opponents respect me because I am a knowledgeable and skilled litigator.
  • Effective representation describes the results I am able to obtain for my clients. When I accept your case, I always look for the most cost-effective solutions that accomplish your goals, both personally and financially. Ultimately, I want to give my clients as much information as possible to make an informed decision about their legal issue. That is why I work with my clients, providing advice about how they can participate in the case to help avoid unnecessary attorney’s fees.

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To speak with me about your legal concerns, call 270-936-8123 or complete my contact form. I advise and represent clients in Bowling Green and throughout South Central Kentucky.